The Green Deal EPC

The Green Deal EPC Shadow

An energy performance certificate is produced as part of your Green Deal Advice Report.

Code of practice

Document setting out the criteria that advisors, installers, providers and products and systems must adhere to in order to be allowed to operate under the Green Deal.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

EPCs give information on how to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your energy costs. All homes bought, sold or rented require an EPC and they will contain key financial information about the Green Deal. For more information, see our EPC explained guide.

Golden Rule

The Golden Rule underpins how big your Green Deal finance repayments will be – it says you should not have to pay back any more than the savings you’ll make on your energy bill as a result of the energy-saving home improvements you’ve had installed.

In most cases, repayment levels will be based on heating bills for the property or the typical energy bills of a similar property. The Green Deal is designed to try to save the customer at least as much money as they will have to repay. However, the actual level of savings will depend on how much energy is used (eg to heat your home) and the future cost of energy.

Green Deal Advice report

This is produced by a Green Deal advisor and consists of an EPC and occupancy assessment.

Green Deal Advisor/Assessor

Only a Green Deal Advisor or Assessor is authorised to carry out and produce a Green Deal Advice Report, recommendations and provide related advice on the Green Deal. A Green Deal Advisor must hold a qualification that meets the standard required by the relevant National Occupational Standards and syllabus and be a registered member of a certification body.